Bio Julee Avallone began playing flute at age 7, guided and encouraged by an artistic family, and soon dreamed of playing in orchestras. She learned other instruments while specializing to earn her Bachelors in Flute Performance at Arizona State University. After returning to New England she completed her Masters degree in Contemporary Improvisation at the New England Conservatory. Along her journey Ms. Avallone has already played with in orchestral settings at Boston University Tanglewood Institute and the Chautauqua Music Festival, as well as numerous ensembles including: Lyric Opera Theater, the Bob Moses Ensemble, the Arabic Ensemble, the Allen Chase Contemporary Improvisation Ensemble, the Memphis Ensemble, Brazilian Jazz Ensemble, the George Garzone Ensemble, and the New England Conservatory Jazz Orchestra, and many others. Fearless of limitations, Ms. Avallone has pushed her music-making experiences into modern live settings as a member of Buddha Funk Special, whose members later formed Dr. Juice, as well as touring with the Mike Gordon Band and performing occasionally with the Everyone Orchestra. With these groups she has pushed envelopes of improvisational group music while using her voice, flute and sax in wildly innovative ways. For the last several consecutive years, Ms. Avallone has hosted an annual culmination of her musical questing with her “Purple Grapes” events. These unique events feature manifold collaborations and explorations as well as multi-media contributions and interactive participation for attendees. Julee is currently playing music and seeing the world as a solo artist and with the Napa Valley Duo.
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Lady grape began her musical adventures practically at birth under the supportive influence of an exceptionally artistic family. The flute charmed its way into Julee’s life at the age of 7 when her father’s newest garage sale purchase intoxicated her ears and incited a lifelong obsession. Throughout her formative years Ms. Avallone’s primary objective was to become an orchestral flutist. During this time she studied flute with Carl Bergner, Greig Shearer and took part in numerous orchestral experiences including Boston University Tanglewood Institute and the Chautauqua Music Festival.

Still on the classical flute track Ms. Avallone headed off to Arizona State University where she received her Bachelors in Flute performance. While in Arizona a shift occurred and our mad flutist embarked on the quest to become the all occasion flutist feverishly joining every ensemble she could: Lyric Opera Theater, Symphony, Jazz Combos, New Music Ensemble, Latin Ensemble, African Drum Ensemble, Indian music Ensemble, Symphonic Band, Steel Drum Ensemble, and Jazz Vocal Ensemble.

With five years of enthusiastic academic and performance nerdyness under her belt, Julee returned to the east coast to take on the musical scene. Upon immediate arrival she landed teaching positions from the University of Hartford Community Division, University of Connecticut Community School of the Arts, and LaSalle Music. This time period also included a stint with a band called Buddha Funk Special with Julee’s greatest musical influence Dennis Fancher, Dr. Juice guitarist extraordinaire. After Buddha Funk Special dissolved Avallone and Fancher joined forces with Mike Rau and Joe O’Brien to form Dr. Juice.

Like so many others Dr. Julee has enjoyed a lifelong obsession with Max Creek. Fortunately she and has been blessed with numerous occasions to share music to with them. Enveloped in the Max Creek family jam band environment Julee was invited to meet Mike Gordon. This introduction led to her joining them for a tour in 2003. During the unbelievably fun and musically mind blowing tour Julee played a plethora of instruments including: bass flute, alto flute, flute, piccolo, penny whistles, recorders, noise makers, tenor sax, bass clarinet, and sang. Since then Julee has truly enjoyed having Mike as a creative, inventive, musical, quirky, super fun, brilliant, exceptional bass playing, excellent song writing, velvet singing, mentor kindred spirit friend.

Julee recently became a card-carrying jam band lunatic by receiving a Masters degree in Contemporary Improvisation from the New England Conservatory. Julee rejoined academia at the Conservatory after four years being a full time musician and teacher with lofty goals like finding her musical voice, becoming an accomplished woodwind doubler, and feeling confident improvising in any situation. During her time at the Conservatory she studied; Classical North Indian vocal music with world renown sitar player Peter Row, improvisation and figuring out who you are musically with Hankus Netsky, and saxophone technique with Allan Chase. She also attended classes under the tutelage of exceptional teachers like; Scott Sandvick, Bob Brookmeyer, Jerry Bergonzi, George Garzone, Ken Schaphorst, and Dominique Eade. Julee’s extraordinary performance opportunities at this school included participation in many ensembles; the Bob Moses Ensemble, the Arabic Ensemble, the Allen Chase Contemporary Improvisation Ensemble, the Memphis Ensemble, Brazilian Jazz Ensemble, the George Garzone Ensemble, and the New England Conservatory Jazz Orchestra. Ms. Avallone also was able to take advantage of New England Conservatory’s amazing classical music department with coaching’s from John Heiss and Eliot Fisk.

While at the New England Conservatory Julee produced a recital entitled Purple Grapes IV “A Day in the Life of a Musician”. This extravaganza is a re-enactment of an exaggerated day in the life of a musician, as well as a chance to pay tribute to all the people I love and admire most. The scene unfolds in the morning when the Musician gets a “Wake-up Call”, and decides to do some stretching while listening to Indian music raga. The Musician then rushes off to “The Wedding Gig”, and is greeted by chaos and a cast of the usual marital suspects. These suspects include the Party Planner, Annoying Person, Bridal Party, Wedding Photographer, Mothers, and Priest. Once the ceremonial duties are fulfilled, the Musician charges on to the next segment of her day, “The Recording Session”, where artistic madness ensues. Our hero then hurries back to “The Wedding Reception”. While immersed in the Wedding Band ambience, the more colorful and now inebriated “Wedding Gig” characters return. Exhausted, ready to relax and let loose, the Musician finally arrives at the “Bar Gig”.

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Purple Grapes IV “A Day in the Life of a Musician” performers: Act I Wake-up call: Mike Pfaff tabla, Julee Avallone tambura/vocalist, Morgan Oldham contortionist Act II The Wedding Gig: Ethan Philbrick cello, Mickey Reisman violin, Megan Fergusson viola, Joo Lee cello, Sarah Nagell vocals, Julee Avallone flute The Wedding Entourage; Sue Schick and Sarah Nagell Party Planners, Mike Winograd Annoying Person, Brian O’Connell Priest, Kenny Robbins Groom, Kelly Moore Bride, Sarah Nunan Maid of Honor, Sue Amen, Asia Murawski, and Kristen Vasso Brides Maids, Steven Windsor Father of the Bride, Sara Avallone and Kelly Feurt Mothers, Pat Pabouet, Jeff Banister, and Mike Maresca Groomsmen, David Barron Wedding Photographer, Jeff Hughs and Murph Baumal Bartenders, Ann-Marie Regish Caterer, Lee Weslowski Wedding Guests. Act III The Recording Session: Jeremy Cohen Artist/Conductor, Mike Gordon bass, Jeff Coffin tenor, Doug Belote and Greg Vasso drums, Scott Murawski guitar, Gordon Stone pedal steel and Julee Avallone as The Crazy Recording Session Leader playing piccolo, baritone sax, and bass clarinet Act IV The Wedding Reception: Big Band #1: Ken Schaphorst conductor, Scott Murawski guitar, Marc Balling drums, Dave Shuman bass, Dan Tepfer piano, Mike Pfaff percussion, Julee Avallone bari, Jeff Coffin and Petr Cancura tenor, Benny Golbin and Jim Mullen alto, Nicole Rampersaud, Theodore Padouvas, Heather Dale Titus and Vivek Patel trumpet, Topher Logan, Aaron Hartely, and Dan Blacksberg trombone, Gary Kirsh bass trombone, Mike Winograd Drunk Annoying Person, Jeff Hughs and Murry Baumal Bartenders, The Wedding Entourage returns. Big Band #2: Ken Schaphorst conductor, Dan Tepfer piano, Patrick Hay guitar, Kim Cass bass, Brian Addler drums, Julee Avallone bari, Sean Berry and Wolf Wolverton tenor, Nick Videen and Jacob Zimmerman alto, Brian Pouliot, Dave Hickock and Aaron Hartley trombone, Nicole Rampersaud, Vivek Patel and Nick Catino trumpet Act V The Bar Gig: Aldemar Valentin bass, Jonah Kraut slide guitar, Mike Pfaff vibes, Adam Clarke drums, Julee Avallone piano/vocals, Nicole Rampersaud trumpet, Julee Avallone alto flute Depth Quartet: Scott Murawski guitar, Greg Vasso drums, Justin Kolack bass, Julee Avallone bari/tenor/flute/vocals, Jeff Coffin tenor/special guest. Bar Gig Entourage: Weird Jimmy commentator, Doug Baker taper, Rob and Shannon DeMeulemeester, Louisa Donelson, Lindsay Garcia, Lauren Lederman, Michael Sperduti, Marc Carlson, Pamela Nonken, Ken Nonken, Janine Portelance, Jill Talbot, Carl, Hankus Netsky, Jason Bouchea, Bridget Kearney, The Wedding Entourage

Dr. Julee's honors include Winner of the National Flute Convention Jazz Competition and Arizona State University's Outstanding Undergraduate of the Year in music history, composition, and theory.

Julee's favorite musicians in no particular order are: Gene Baker, Rahsaan Roland Kirk, Ali Ryerson, Mike Gordon, Scott Murawski, Greg Vasso, Eric Dolphy, John Avallone, Max Creek, Stan Getz, Lester Young, Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Chris Tofield, Scotty Pearson, Cat Stevens, Duke Ellington, Erik Satie, Astrud Gilberto, Tim Rush, Pat Metheny, Adios Pantelones, Beastie Boys, Doug Belote, anything Renaissance, Shostakovich, Prokofiev, and of course the members of Dr. Juice.

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